Youth Employment Promotion in Serbia - Consultancy for Centres of Social workers and National Employment Service Serbia


Two technical cooperation initiatives, implemented jointly by the ILO, UNDP and other UN agencies, are currently providing assistance to the Government of Serbia to pilot an integrated employment and social services delivery model. The national partners are the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and its network of Centres for Social Work
 (CSWs) as well as the National Employment Service of Serbia (NES).

The NES has received, and is still receiving, assistance from various organisations specialized in improving individualized counselling and guidance  services, individual employment planning and treatment of groups at risk of social exclusion. The CSWs, on the other hand, only recently introduced case management approaches and referrals to other service poviders.

The CSWs, in particular, are having difficulties in motivating beneficiaries of social assistance, who are able to work, to actively search for a job, to take up employment opportunities and/or participate to measures geared to ease their transition from welfare to work. Many social assistance beneficiaries have low educational attainment, are long term unemployed and are often discouraged.




23.11.2011 - 28.02.2012

BBRZ- Österreich