Without Borders - Web presence strategy for specialized enterprises of people with disabilities in Bulgaria

Funding programme

ESF - Bulgaria

Short description

Internet presence is crucial to the success of any company aiming to sustain and develop its business in the globalizing, competitive market.  Without an appropriate online strategy, specialized enterprises are missing out on numerous opportunities such as promoting their business, attracting new customers and establishing successful business relationships.  Due to low or virtually no marketing budget, many specialized enterprises in Bulgaria fail to keep pace with the demands of the new business environment making their survival a challenging one. Building an efficient web presence on the other hand can be a very successful and affordable strategy for those companies to increase their competitiveness and to optimize some of their activities. In order to assist them to get on track, they need methodological yet practical guidance in building and promoting their online appearance.  In this manner they can take advantage from the available new technologies and conduct their business more successfully.

Lead partner

Federation of Employers for Disabled People, Sofia, Bulgaria


01.05.2013 - 30.04.2014