Developing innovative approaches aimed at coping with demographic change.


  • Strengthening the readiness and ability to perform self-directed educational and career planning
  • Rediscovering that learning is fun; fostering motivation to take part in further education/training
  • Strengthening the self-image of older workers, who should face the world of work with more self-confidence
  • using older peoples’ experience-based knowledge and resources in a targeted way

Target group:

Workers over 45 years

National project partners:

Land OÖ (Government of Upper Austria), AK OÖ (Upper Austrian Chamber of Labour), ÖGB OÖ (Austrian federation of trade unions, Upper Austrian bureau), BFI OÖ, IV OÖ, WK OÖ (Upper Austrian Economic Chamber), WIFI OÖ, Institut SORA, Regionalmanagement, ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation)

Transnational project partners:

FIOH – Finnish Institute of Occupational Health
GfAHMbH – Gesellschaft für Arbeitsschutz und Humanisierungsforschung mbH
DGB – Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (German Federation of Trade Unions)
AK Bremen – Arbeiterkammer Bremen (Bremen Chamber of Labour)
WK-Südböhmen (South Bohemian Chamber of Commerce)
CMKOS – Ceskomoravska Konfederace odborovch svaz
CGTP-IN – Confederacoes Geral dos Trabalhadores Portugueses-Intersindical Nacional
CPPME – Confederacao Portuguesa das Micro, Pequenas e Medias Empresas
Nederlands Institut voor Mediakunst