Virtual cooperation between theory and practice in VET and further training in the health and social care sector

Brief description 

Partner organisations of the vocational training and further training institutions of the health care and nursing sector are cooperating regarding the issue “virtual cooperation between theory and practice”.

The aim is to find out if and in which way the use of e-learning platforms and online trainings improves the cooperation between the areas learning in school/at university and everyday work.  This partnership project supports the development of innovative ICT-based methods in the project subject.

The participants update and improve their knowledge, competences and skills when using e-platforms and online trainings, particularly in the practical training and in internships.Resulting from the project, the partners will develop a range of online modules for the practical training.

Project sponsor 

BFI Upper Austria

Funding programme 

Leonardo Partnership

Leading partner 

Institute for professional education and social pedagogy Bremen


01.08.2012 - 31.07.2014