tune in! Combating drop out

Supporting programme  

Lifelonglearning - Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

Short description 

The project:

  • transfers the successful drop out prevention methods and measures taken from the Austrian and Danish production school approaches to four partner countries in Europe
  • gathers the adapted methods and materials in a tune in! tool box for European drop-out prevention and drop out reintegration together with further materials and methods developed during the projects' lifetime
  • develops a "combat drop out!" guidance tool for iVET teachers and trainers
  • develops a European train the trainer course for drop-out prevention in iVET which is based on contructivist learner centered approaches implemented in production schools
  • implements the train the trainer on a European scale and in each partner country 
  • implements suitable drop out prevention approaches, curricula and / or methods in the partners’ countries

Evaluation of the projects’ success and dissemination of results are important parts of the project.

Lead partner 

BFI OÖ, Austria


01.10.2013 - 30.09.2015