TAST - Training for trainers on CNC machines

Supporting programme  

Erasmus plus KA1

Short description 

In some sixty campuses spread throughout Flanders the VDAB (Labour market Service) offers opportunities to follow vocational training. Around 800 instructors are in charge of enhancing the course participants' competencies. It is crucial to update training contents using the most suitable training methodology.

The project aims to enhance and adjust instructors' knowledge, experience and competencies in view of a rapidly evolving labour market. For this purpose it organises international study visits for a number of selected domains in Austria, Finland and Germany. At ABZ Braunau the focus lies on Machining techniques (CNC) using digital means and using the 5-axis-machine.

Lead partner 

Labour Market Service of Flanders, Belgium


01.06.2015 - 31.07.2017

Project Sponsor