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With raising societal challenges, especially increased migrant and refugee flows in the last years, Europe has been facing highly multiculturalism, diversity, social inequity, and a growing population of persons under risk of exclusion. Therefore professionals working with these groups constantly seek for new knowledge, skills and approaches to be able to empower them in a most effective way

Aim of this project is to promote and employ storytelling Continuing-VET trainings into national professional practice when working with disadvantaged groups / persons with disabilities and gradually into national (C)VET systems across Europe. It aims to initiate growth of newly skilled professional storytellers, that will be able to empower as many disadvantaged people as possible through their every day practice, and thus promote their social inclusion

Main steps are: Compendium of storytelling trainings and certifications initiatives, a StoryTeller C-VET Curriculum and Methodology and an On-line Interactive StoryTeller Platform and Recommendations for decision makers.


Ozara, Slovenia


1.9.2016 bis 31.8.2019

Project Partner

BBRZ Österreich

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