SOLE – Specific open learning environment

Short description:

SOLE stands for specific open learning environment and wants to develop an innovative methodological approach for distance learning studies. A maximum of opportunities for students and course participants should be created.  SOLE is a space for social networking for students, teachers and various types of experts. This project will develop a virtual social environment promoting active methodologies and a type of flipped classroom approach. The idea is to create visual representations as OER (in order to follow EU Commission strategy to supply open educational resources) and a test maker tool providing benefits to students and a student’s engagement. This is the result of understanding education as a process of sharing in a community of learning. The development of a social network which can offer unique OER in the area of sustainable tourism can turn into a space for finding other students, and a place in which to share multilingual, transversal OER for higher education.

Within the project, sponsored by ERASMUS+ (KA2 strategic partnership – Cooperation and Innovation for Good Practices), students can develop critical thinking and creativity. The aim is to create a non-formal learning digital tool, to design a virtual space or social network which includes pedagogical links, online resources, video tutorials, etc. The partners will design an adaptable training course which would include a manual associated with online resources to help the students and teachers to use the tools in the area of sustainable tourism.

The project will be run by distance learning institutions from Spain, Bulgaria, Italy, Poland, France, Russian Federation and Austria under the lead of Spain (CEEDCV).


Lead Partner:

CEEDCV: Centre Específic d‘educació a distància de la comunitat Valenciana


BFI OÖ – Mag.a Gabriele Winkler BA, gabriele.winkler(at), Tel: +43 732/ 6922 /6221

Project period:

Okt. 2014 – Sept. 2016


  • CEEDCV: Centre Especific d’educatció a distància de la comunidad Valenciana, Spain
  • BDA: Bulgarian Development Agency Sdruzhenie, Bulgaria
  • BFI OÖ: Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich, Austria
  • Geodata: Geodaty Srl, Italy
  • PWSZ w Krosnie: Panstwowa Wyzsza Szkola Zawodowa im. Stanislawa Pigonia, Poland
  • Il Geco: Associazione il Geco, Italy
  • Mayor Formation: Mayor Formation, France