SOLA - Simple Open Learning Advancement

Supporting programme  

Erasmus KA2

Short description 

Project target is helping learning institutions, teachers and learners to acquire digital skills and learning methods. One partner is a German authoring tool provider and distance learning content producer, which will introduce the other institutions and its trainers to its self-developed software to enable them to produce open content while collaborating online from their workplace. all outcomes of this project (including produced contents, handbooks and manuals for trainers) will be published on the project's platform. As a result training courses regarding Sustainable Tourism Basics, Rural Sustainable Tourism and Customer Relationship Management in Sustainable Tourism will be produced and made available for all interested stakeholders. The participating trainers will run test classes based on which the handbooks, manuals and contents will be revised. The attending learners will be connected internationally to work together on the project's learning management system. The longterm goal of "Simple Open Learning Advancement" is to enable trainers to produce and work with high quality open content adapted to regional needs (e.g. language and local differences) and to create a European-wide network of education institutions producing and sharing open resources.

Lead partner 

BFI OÖ, Österreich


01.10.2014 - 30.09.2016

Project Sponsor