Brief description

In Austria and partner counties there are large numbers of unemployed young people on the brink of social exclusion and poverty. Many of these young people come from groups, who are already disadvantaged in the labour market.
These factors can significantly impair a young person's ability to engage with the community, learning and work, thus perpetuating social and economic problems.
Their confidence in their own ability may be damaged. In order to break the vicious circle of demotivation, social exclusion and poverty, the project aims to raise employment chances of young people based on a holistic approach: overcome personal barriers; identify and build on their strengths, develop self esteem; improve their social and interpersonal skills; build confidence in their ability to learn, and make a successful transition to independent living, education and training or work.

Main outcomes will be the transferred tools of the project SOCO-VET, a DISC assessment, a new tool with emphasis of outdoor activities as an underlying pedagogical method, seminar for parents, counsellors.


GD Bildung und Kultur, Programm Lebenslanges Lernen, Innovationstransfer


BFI - Oberösterreich


01.11.2009 bis 31.10.2011