ProReha - Elaboration of a Strategy for the Centre of Professional Rehabilitation at the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Brief description:

The main focus is on the Services for People with disabilities to be offered in accordance with the national policy and related documents like the National Plan for the activities of the employment of people with disabilities, Analysis of the Labour Market needs using the related documents/statistics from the Public Employment service and the development of a strategy for the involvement of the relevant Stakeholders.

The process is structured in :

  • What is the Mission/Vision of ProReha
  • What are the steps on the way to reach the Mission/Vision
  • Business plan for the next 3 years

The extensive know-how from the BBRZ GROUP on the topics of education, rehabilitation, prequalification and employment for people with disabilities is transferred in this project to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Bosnian employees will be trained in these areas.

The ProReha centre will be founded in Sarajevo for 20-40 people, it is planned to qualify approximately 100 persons per year.
For this centre training programs for people with disabilities based on the know-how of BBRZ GROUP and adapted for local conditions will be developed.


1.11.2012 – 03.06.2015 (32 month)


Sumero, Bosnia and Herzegovina   

BBRZ Österreich

Sponsors in Austria:

BBRZ Gruppe

Land OÖ, Stadt Linz, Stadt Wels, BMASK, BMWJF, AK OÖ

VOEST, Energie AG, Porr, Allgemeine Sparkasse, Wiener Städtische, Bawag, Bank Austria 

Sponsors in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Föderales Ministerium für Arbeit und Sozialpolitik, Vjekoslav Čamber, Minister

Fond für Berufliche Rehabilitation und Beschäftigung von Personen mit Beeinträchtigungen, Ivica Marinković, Direktor 

PIU SESER, Amrudin Nurak, Direktor