Promoting the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in education and training of learners with low educational achievement

Brief description 

The EU has defined some key qualification for lifelong learning.  One of them is the key qualification of initiative and entrepreneurship. 

All of the partners are working with young people who have dropped out of the education system because of personal impairments or who have only experienced insufficient preparation for the labour market on the part of the education system.  All of the partners have their own educational approaches in order to motivate and to enable young people to develop a sense of initiative and self-responsibility and to encourage them to act autonomously and economically.  By exchanging experience about the different practices and the joint development of a learning unit, the partners are to receive suggestions for their own practice.

Project sponsor 

BFI Upper Austria

Funding programme 

Leonardo Partnership

Leading partner 

BFI Upper Austria


01.08.2011 - 31.07.2013