Professionalization of pedagogic personnel in adult education for parents' critically reflected dealing with media

Brief description 

The state of research and the experiences in Europe regarding the phenomenon of "media addiction and online addiction" differs.  This is why we need collective  learning through process-orientated, professional exchange in Europe for this approach.  We will activate this process through this LP, with a  consortium composed of AT, RO, UK, and DE, with the outcome of all of the institutions actively exchanging information and initiating a complex learning  process in Europe. 

A survey, analysing existing instruments that are applied in educational work with parents, makes it possible for us to develop the concept of the parent LAN further, to visibly improve the course of action of educationalists.  

This clears the way for preventive ideas of networking and learning involving politics and local authorities, sensitises Europe for a common problem and helps to professionalize the collective process of development.

Project sponsor 


Funding programme 

Grundvig Partnership

Leading partner 

Foundation Media and Online Dependency, Germany


01.08.2012 - 31.07.2014