Pro Care Career - Individual permeability-careers in the sector of geriatric and medical care


The final aim of the project is the improvement of the permeability between "vocational" and "academic" qualification certificates in the two sector of geriatric care and medical care. This will substantially improve the provision with the required and needed skilled employees in the two sectors both in a transnational and in a national mode.

For this rason the competency standards in the involved countries of the non-academic and  of the academic qualification levels will be compared reagrading the vertical permeability. This will be exemplified by various career paths. These paths will allow the acknowledgement of competencies, which have been achieved by formal, informal and non-formal learning activities. Up to now the conventional training and education was mainly activity-oriented.

However for the academic education we will need a knowledge-based Bachelor study programme, which has an analytical and conceptual approach. Therefore the study has to develop a new matric of competencies for the veriatric care and the medical car. This approach will result in the geriatric and medical care in a networking of the two polici lines: education policy and labour policy


Steinbeis University Berlin


01.11.2011 - 31.10.2013