MIGOBI - Migrants go Business

Supporting programme  

Erasmus KA2

Short description 

The project's aims are:

1.) Improving key competences of European citizens concerning entrepreneurial spirit, intercultural skills and active citizenship

2.) Improving participation of migrants and minorities and jobless young people in the world of VET, adult education, in the entrepreneurial world and in the society as a whole and raising their entrepreneurial spirit

3.) Developing competences of trainers and teachers in VET and adult education in entrepreneurial education.

4.) Contributing to the development on open educational ressources

5.) Enhancing the use of European transparency instruments (ECVET / EQF).

The project focuses on an open, flexible, interactive and engaging learning module on developing and experiencing entrepreneurial spirit in intercultural learning settings combining approaches used in adult education (open processes, learner centred) and approaches used in VET (outcome oriented, efficient. It will be possible to include this module in many different VET and adult education settings benefitting both systems

Lead partner 

BFI OÖ, Austria


01.09.2014 - 31.08.2016

Project Sponsor