Literacy & vocation -Literacy education combined with vocational training

Brief description 

The project aims to define and implement transnational competence levels concerning vocationally oriented literacy skills of adults (European and  national core curricula).

To achieve this aim, requirements for oral and written communication, mathematics/calculation as well as media competences in vocational settings are being described and transferred to a competence level model which supplements existing classification systems for language and vocational qualifications (as CEFR, EQF and NQFs) for the field of adult education (skills for jobs). For the first time, competence levels necessary for entrance in LLL in a vocational context will be defined.

A second project goal is sensitizing practitioners in the field of vocational counselling and job placement to provide a useful impetus for the creation of adequate literacy education opportunities in vocational – and further training also including companies.

Additionally teachers and learners receive an instrument for performance evaluation (E- Assessment) checking literacy/numeracy/media skill in vocational training programs.


Zukunftsbau GmbH Berlin


01.11.2011 - 31.10.2013