Literacy at work

Supporting programme 

LifeLong Learning - Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

Short description 

Up to 20 % of adults in Europe are lacking key competencies (reading, basic maths and problem solving skills) which they need to be able to gain further competences and enter into the labour market and social life. There are, however, few established programmes for basic education in Europe which are directed at specific workplace needs.

The project takes guidelines for workplace-focused basic educational offers that have been developed, tried and tested in New Zealand (New Zealand guidelines “Skills Highway”) and transfers them to Europe – specifically  o France (Les Alpes), Germany (Zukunftsbau AG) and Austria (BFI OÖ).

Two key goals are:

  1. To provide education providers with a set of best practices for the development and implementation of workplace-focused basic educational offers:
    • which is adapted to both the needs of the organisation on the one hand, and the low-skilled worker on the other hand – within the context of the specific workplace situation.
    • which offers step-by-step instructions from the initial company request through to the implementation of personalised training.
    • which allows for the implementation of a continuous basic education offer as a concrete and operative tool for personnel development in the area of low-skilled workplaces.
  2. To heighten the awareness within companies through the development of communication tools as well as organising basic education-sensibilisation workshops for personnel developers / training departments.


Alpes Formacion, France


01.10.2013 - 30.09.2015