InterCult: Intercultural Trainers Kit for Migrants’ Educators

Short description: 

The project aims at improving educators' and tutors intercultural skills for delivering efficient language training to adult migrants through the development of an “lntercultural Trainers Kit”, providing principles and guidelines for work in a multicultural environment, application of techniques for promoting tolerance, diversity and inclusion in the learning process and application of intercultural teaching resources in different learning situations.

The main project results include:

  • lmproved lntercultural skills of adult language educators
  • working with migrants
  • lmproved quality of the learning and teaching process for
  • adult migrants
  • intercultural language teaching multimedia resources
  • Effective language education from 6 European countries and beyond
  • Continuous intercultural dialogue


Generations Solidaires Val d’Oise 95, France


01.11.2018 – 31.10.2020

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