Increase – Advice-giving competence in the trans-regional Austrian – Slovak job market

Project objectives:

Considering Slovakia's entrance to the EU, by the middle of 2011 at the latest, there will be considerable movement in both the Austrian and Slovakian job market due to the transitional regulations of those markets.

Increase has set as its goal to offer the competence of the occupational counsellors and employment assistants at the Viennese Branch of the Austrian Job Centre in giving advice and support, along with extending the competence of consulting and care facilities in Vienna and those of the staff at the Slovakian employment agencies in Bratislava to pave the way for constructive cooperation among all of those involved.

Content of the project:

The project consists of four modules, with six participants each from Slovakia and Austria, which will take place alternately in Austria and in Slovakia.
The focus of the modules:

Module 1 (Vienna):

• Overview of job market policies and the institution in Austria and Slovakia
• Developments in the job market in Austria (Vienna) and in Slovakia (Bratislava, Trnava).

Module 2 (Trnava):

• Migrants and women

Module 3 (Vienna):

• The long-term unemployed and those with impairments
• Risk groups in a trans-regional, cross-border job market

Module 4 (Bratislava):

• Youths and older job seekers

Lead partner:

WAFF (Vienna Employment Promotion Fund)


ERDF: European regional development fund

Project partners:

FAB Organos
Lepsi svet, Bratislava
Bureau of Employment, Social Services and Family Affairs Trnava
FAB Reno Upper Austria
WITAF   Job Assistance Vienna
Advisory Centre for Migrant, Vienna
Institute for Vocational Integration, ibi Vienna
Job Centre, Vienna
Federal Bureau of Social Affairs, Regional Office Vienna

Period of validity / Duration:

09/2010 – 02/2011