FARAW - Facilitate Articulation and Reflection About Work

Brief description 

The project FARAW aims at a further development of an educational concept for the identification, the handling and the solution of interaction problems which are specific for the workplace.  Consequently, this concept should be adapted and transferred to other countries and sectors.  

It has been developed at the J. Kepler University Linz (JKU) and is based on two instruments: The first instrument is called “Comprehend“, a method, developed at the JKU for the reflexion and visualisation of processes which are specific for the work place.  The second instrument is called “Teaching and Learning Company (TLC)” which is a method developed by the Technik Akademie Vienna Region for the illustration and simulation of operational processes for training purposes.

Up to now, both instruments have mainly been applied in technically oriented sectors.  Now, FARAW is also to be applied beyond the technical sector and be further transferred to the health care sector. 

The methods are to support the visualisation of working processes and the reflection of communication problems.  The target group of the project are group leaders of industrial and health care companies.

Ten partner institutions from AT (3*), CZ, DE, ES, FI, HU, NL and SI are going to participate in the FARAW project; these institutions are mainly universities/universities of applied sciences as well as training and educational facilities from the technical and health care sector.

Project sponsor 

Funding programme 

Leonardo Da Vinci Transfer of Innovation

Leading partner 

JKU Linz – Institute for Business Informatics, Austria


01.01.2012 - 30.09.2014