Exploring Conceptions of Financial Literacy in the European VET Context

Brief description 

The project "Exploring Conceptions of Financial Literacy in the European VET Context“ (Flin € Vocational Training ) aims at supporting the development of a common and sustainable framework for Financial Literacy and its core competences in the context of the European Vocational Training. 

In order to achieve this goal, a group of partners with individual tasks and competences in the field of vocational training has been established, for instance, practice and research (e.g. universities, vocational training establishments, teachers and their trainers, associations in the field of vocational training and the labour market) from different countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Portugal, the UK).  Therefore, the project provides many possibilities for explanation, communication as well as integration of the various facets of the Financial Literacy Debate.  Fundamentally, a further aspect is the achievement of a fine tuning with the specific demands of vocational training.

 The main aims of the project can be defined as follows:

  1. Analysis and comparison whether and in which way “financial literacy“ is currently integrated and implemented in national programmes for vocational training in those countries participating in the project.
  2. Creating a discussion forum regarding the appropriateness of the existing financial literacy ideas and concepts, particularly when it comes to current wishes and needs in European vocational training.
  3. Supporting a higher awareness, reflexivity and critical knowledge about financial literacy in the European vocational training policy and to further raise awareness for critical topics which are to be tackled in the form of a more extensive European project (e.g. the development and the transfer of innovation).

The project deals with the question in which way financial literacy should be conceptualised in the European vocational training policy. The approach is: Strategically-combined meetings on a partnership-basis with cooperation in local workgroups. Thus, different points of view can be integrated and an exchange between important actors in the vocational training field and the financial literacy debate will be supported.  Consequently, a maximum integration of different prospects and capacities can be provided.  

Project sponsor 

BFI Upper Austria

Funding programme 

Leonardo Partnership

Leading partner 

Universitario Federale per la Formazione


01.08.2012 - 31.07.2014