ESCoT - Establishing Core Skills for C-VET trainers Supporting programme

Supporting programme

Erasmus + KA2

Short description

The market of continuing vocational and education training (CVET) in Europe has changed dramatically in the last 20 years, resulting. To meet these challenges and meet the European CVET market requirements, the skills of adult trainers and particularly the teaching and pedagogical skills are becoming critical and have a direct impact on the quality of training.

From these findings, the project ESCoT helps to develop and establish a core of teaching skills for adult trainers, shared and enriched base at European level. It aims at improving the development of these skills by the use of flexible online “just-in-time trainings” and provides tools and solutions like teaching skills assessment, teaching skills profile and online training modules for trainer´s training.

Lead partner

GIP-Far / Groupement d`interet public de formation de l´academie deRennes


1.9. 2016 – 31.8.2019

Project partner

BFI-Upper Austria