Enterprise - A Serious Game


Erasmus KA2

Short description 

Transfer of Innovation project in the field of entrepreneurship. The project's main product, "A Serious Game" will simulate realistic scenarios and engage the learner in a self -development course that can be played at several levels and addresses both employability skills and enterprise skills. A Serious Game will also offer the opportunity to play the game in an international environment testing the student's flexibility to manage different cultural challenges and language difficulties.

The project's new products will:

  • have a wider application & appeal, targeting and developing enterprising employees & freelancers as well as potential entrepreneurs and preparing them to act in the global economy;
  • focus on the creative interplay of methodological expertise, self-competence and social competences;
  • develop the software produced by IT-Workz which is successfully employed in many Dutch colleges;
  • reflect the high tolerances entrepreneurs have to uncertainties in the environment & of course to take advantage of them; and
  • also have an interactive dimension of competition that promotes unpredictability, conflict with other competitors as well as the need to  come to a decision within a Team.

Lead partner 

ROC Midden Nederland


01.10.2014 - 30.09.2016


BFI Austria