emPower-Engaged migrants: Pathways overcoming Worries, Exclusion &Racism


Migrants bring with them a wealth of experience, skills, talents and abilities. However this contribution is not always recognised or enabled. The purpose of this project is to map successful pathways of active citizenship and participation for migrants. The projects’ aim is to identify transferable best practices used in the member countries and organisations, which promote the empowerment and inclusion of migrants and address effectively the active involvement, engagement, and participation of migrants. The partners will also identify examples of positive and constructive ways of intercultural dialogue and interactions between migrants and host society. Their exchange of good practice (such as projects, initiatives and methods) will focus on issues, where migrants 

  1. are engaged as active citizens,
  2. have the opportunity to speak out openly and participate in decision-making procedures within their host country,
  3. have the opportunity to utilize their experiences and cultural background,
  4. take an active part within their community,
  5. take on representative and leadership roles
  6. contribute to solidarity, community responsibility, integration and social cohesion (e. g. through involvement in and creation of initiatives and projects), 
  7.  and
  8. effectively promote good inter-ethnic relations and the intercultural dialogue.

The overall aim of this project is to collecte relevant material and create a guideline for communities and organisations to stimulate and implement  measures for active citizenship and social involvement of migrants within their host society. Apart from this the partners will also promote the  incorporation, usage and dissemination of transferable best practices in their organisations, communities, as well as in their region and country.


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01.08.2011 - 31.07.2013