DROP APP - It is the main goal of the Europa 2020 Strategie to reduce the early school leaver (ESL) rate to under 10%.

Supporting programme  

Erasmus +

Short description 

The goal of the project Drop App is to find and develop together prevention & intervention strategies for youngsters who are endangered to drop out of any form of school or training education.  Teachers, Trainers, and Experts which deal with young people have to consider that outside of classrooms and schools youngsters use a very diverse range of ICT Tools (Information & Communication Tools) in their daily routines (Communication, Contact with Colleagues, Source of Information etc.)  Drop App tries to prevent through the use of ICT Tools and other new methods the student drop out rate as well as to motivate endangered youngsters.

Lead partner 

Civiform società cooperativa sociale, Italy


01.09.2014 - 31.08.2017

Project Sponsor