Digital skills and tools for Young Female Entrepreneurs under the Erasmus+

Supporting programme  

Erasmus KA2

Short description 

The project contributes to the efforts for reduction of youth unemployment specially among women and for recognition and certification of skills developed in environments of non -formal and informal training/education that can be adapted to different work needs and environments. It seeks to connect dynamic areas of research, surveys, vocational training, dissemination  and create a new professional framework on female business entrepreneurship for recognition and certification of learning outcomes, skills and competences in nonformal / informal learning environments . Main objective is to offer to young women the possibility to be in contact with a supportive low cost mechanism and investigate in a simple way the needed steps for setting up a business and maintain established.
Main outputs are:

4.   Research report  for the development of project's tools

5.   development and testing  of training curriculum, educational material, methods, techniques and   tools, based on professional frame and evaluation procedures.

6.   Development communication platform for networking in local - national - European networks of  beneficiaries as well as stakeholders

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01.11.2014 - 31.10.2017

Project Sponsor