Culture Pilots

Brief description 

The aim of the project is to transfer the successful project CULTURE PILOTS, carried out within the scope of Linz09, in which migrants were trained to be called Culture Pilots, to four additional European countries.  The focus of the training was on conveying the key competences along with a biographical and resource oriented project management.  In addition the participants drew up a balance sheet of competences and received support coaching to boost their personalities. 

During their training the women drew up sightseeing walks through their own subjective world as seen by migrants which were then offered to the public as a part of the festivities of Linz 2009.

The multi-disciplinary consortium consists of six partners in five European countries (AT, ES, FR, IT & PT).

The target groups are trainers and coaches in intercultural contexts and highly-qualified migrant who want to gain a foothold in the cultural or social fields. 

The export project shall last 24 months.




01.10.2011 - 30.09.2013