CNC Assistant systems

Brief description 

The flexibility of modern CNC machines and systems require for their technology knowledge in operating, service and maintenance, which is much more than a onetime training repeated sporadically, but needs to be support extending beyond operating process orientation and based on competence descriptions for those in metal-processing professions, for service and operating personnel on CNC machines and systems.  The international approach of manufacturers of CNC machines and systems (the project partner UNION Maschinenbau Chemnitz GmbH is a global player in this sector) has required this company to provide the service and operating personnel of its customers with so-called assistant systems that ensure error-free operation, economically-sound continuous operation and the maintenance of its machine systems.  The operating process orientated further education of those involved can be made even more efficient with such an assistant system.

The LEONARDO DA VINCI Innovation Transfer Project CNC EUCAM is an operating process support system, methods and tools of “virtual reality” used in a multi-lingual production learning system for die industrial manufacturing with the goal of developing lifelong learning and knowledge management in production based on the project results “Learning in Production” (  and on competence standards for operating in the chemical industry ( and  

By combining operating process oriented learning, knowledge management in production with CNC machines and systems along with the 

 function of multilingualism, at least in the languages of the partner countries CNC EUCAM is directly aimed at establishing an infrastructure for  lifelong learning for skilled production workers in the metal working industries on a European level.

As a holistic learning infrastructure CNC EUCAM has extended the contents of the supply chain.  The knowledge of suppliers, machine manufacturers and the users of CNC machines and systems can continuously be integrated.  This is to improve technical cooperation among users, machine manufacturers and suppliers by utilising a common, even multilingual, information (=learning) infrastructure. 

 In addition the CNC EUCAM is a qualifying tool to help enable comparable levels of competence throughout Europe for skilled production workers and maintenance workers in this sector of industrial production.  Initial and further training can be gained directly during the work process.  They are documented directly in the learning system. 

The goal of this method is to define qualification contents to correspond to the work process and coordinate the learn-flow with the work-flow. Modern data acquisition and content management system are implemented here.


EBG Magdeburg


01.10.2010 - 30.09.2012