Bazaar - virtual market of mature entrepreneurs (Kopie 1)

Bazaar - virtual market of mature entrepreneurs

Aim of the project is to develop and test innovative instruments, which facilitate employability of older workers by removing existing obstacles (awareness in the society, changes in regulations/laws, fitting working conditions, new skills, and creative solutions) and making working attractive for the target group.
Project will stimulate target group to learn a new qualification and/or to start their own e-business. Coaching and a training course as well as a dialog platform to share good practice and advocate changes in attitudes of older people themselves and society are outputs of the project.

Targeting on unemployed and retired people 50+ and encourage and train them to provide service and/or goods either with their already existing skills and experience like teachers, web designer, accountants, hairdresser, tailor, masseur, cook, elderly care services, gardener, or with their creative hobbies; photographing, painting,  writing, sewing, woodworking

Project promoters

BFI - Oberösterreich


LifeLongLearning Programm / Grundtvig / Multilaterale Projekte


EBG Europäisches Bildungswerk für Beruf und Gesellschaft mbH


01.12.2009 - 30.11.2011