ABI/TBI: Development of a common training programme for ABI caregivers

Aims and key objectives:

To respond to the growing need for training and education of  acquired brain injury (ABI) care providers/givers by developping a common training programme;

  • To increase the  quality of services for persons with  ABI;
  • To  improve the appeal of working in services for long-term care and support for persons with ABI;
  • To enhance and promote equal standards in ABI service providers/givers training;
  • To ensure comparability and mutual recognition of the training programme  in partner countries;
  • To disseminate the training programme to end-users at a large European scale.

Project promoters

BBRZ - Österreich


DG Education and Culture Lifelonglearning Programme


Zavod za varstvo in rehabilitacijo po poškodbi glave Zarja, Slovenia


01.10. - 31.10.2011