VITALity for the Future

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BFI Upper Austria launched the project “VITALity for the Future” with European partners from the Netherlands, Finland, Romania and Portugal, associated partners in Austria are “Home for the elderly and nursing home Steyr”, the “BABE - the professional association of employers of private educational institutions” and the BBRZ-Austria.

The aging population in Europe is posing ever greater challenges to society and its existing health care systems, generally known factors being the shortage of skilled workers and their financing. VITALity tries to meet these challenges at other points. Based on studies, the EU recommends a rapid shift in health care from a curative to a preventive approach. However, prevention in the health care system does by no means mean merely giving up alcohol and nicotine and engaging in more physical activity. Rather, people should face mental, physical and intellectual challenges and develop mental well-being and social interaction. This approach should already be pursued with younger people.

VITALity supports the development of preventive skills to prepare new and current health professionals for this approach to healthy ageing, to be catalysts of change and to increase the attractiveness of this sector for young people. Preventive skills have a high cross-over potential in the health sector, which will certainly make training in this area more attractive. Furthermore, VITALity will try to sensitize young people to the topic of health in all vocational training courses.


Stichting ROC Midden, Netherlands


01.09.2020 – 31.12.2022

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