CommuniCare – Communication as a useful tool for caregivers in longterm care for eldery

Short description:

Communication as an important component of human relationships is a basic human need that enables personal and social interaction. The project aims to improve the communication skills of informal and non-formal carers in long-term care. In the context of long-term care and elderly care, successful communication has a significant impact on three main aspects that characterize quality in long-term care:

  1. Good ageing and the best possible quality of life, both for those in need of care and for carers
  2. The effectiveness of the adopted treatment and care protocol
  3. The direct and efficient synergy (cooperation) between the caregiver and the patient

In addition, negative terms such as age discrimination, contempt, anger, neglect or positive terms such as compassion, affection, concern about quality should be reflected and incorporated into care protocols and training materials.

  • The project will therefore develop three areas of competence:
  • Principles for effective communication in long-term care for older people
  • Basic principles and methods of communication in various chronic diseases and reduced hearing
  •  Communication in the new era of technological and medical progress in long-term care


Wohlfahrtswerk für Baden-Württemberg, Germany


01.09.2020 – 31.08.2023

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