CENF - Common European Numeracy Framework

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Too many European citizens lack the necessary numeracy competencies to participate autonomously and effectively in our technologised and number-drenched society. The objective is to enlarge and to improve the quantity and quality of numeracy courses offered to adults to improve their chances in society. To reach this objective we aim to develop a Common European Numeracy Framework (CENF).

On the basis of literature studies and European surveys and frameworks currently in use, good practices, and theoretical insights and draft modules will be developed. Pilots in the partner countries will test the drafts empirically and reviews from various stakeholders in  the adult numeracy community. The framework and modules will be revised with the combined experiences, evaluations and comments. The end result will be made available as a blended on-line course, while the availability as cMOOC will be investigated.


Stichting Hogeschool Utrecht, Netherlands


01.12.2018 - 31.07.2021

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