Work-orientated Rehabilitation

The aim of vocational rehabilitation at the BBRZ is to bring people back into working life and society following the onset of a functional health impairment, due to either physical, mental or psychosocial causes.

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Our programmes are principally geared towards sustainable and lasting integration of our youth and adult customers into the labour market and society at large. This includes the restoration of emotional health as much as the support in developing new healthy work perspectives, a professional qualification or support with the actual vocational integration.

A unique attribute of all of our programmes is the holistic individual guidance for the effected through a multidisciplinary team consisting of experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, pedagogy, therapy, rehab-technology, social work as well as other skilled specialists.

We have branches in almost all states, which guarantees a locally available venue for the vocational rehabilitation programmes.

Our companies within the field of Vocational rehabilitation

BBRZ MED Health Services

BBRZ MED Health Services