TEAMwork - Holz- und Kunststoffverarbeitungs Ges.m.b.H. - The Best Type of Cooperation

Operates from four locations in Upper Austria, TEAMwork enables people with impairments to achieve complete social and professional integration, with support from social workers, psychological and medical assistance, and through personal development measures.

As a production and service company, TEAMwork has been fulfilling its customers‘ orders professionally and at high quality for over 35 years. Extensive knowledge in different areas is the basis for long-term cooperation with clients from industry, trade and commerce.


At TEAMwork, we are dedicated to providing a sound education for young people, both with and without disabilities, as we believe that a completed apprenticeship can guarantee success in working life.

Apprenticeships on offer

  • Carpenter
  • Carpenter Technician
  • Painter-Decorator and Coating Technician
  • Logistics
  • Office Administrator
  • Technology Specialist, Systems Technology
  • Cleaning Technician

What is important to us

  • A successful apprenticeship
  • High-quality training
  • Personal development
  • Individual learning support
  • Social skills
  • Help with problems
  • Support for young women in trade occupations