IA – Integration of persons with impairments into the labour market

Older jobseekers are often confronted with prejudice. Too costly, too inflexible, outdated training or education, more frequent and longer periods of sick-leave, or not willing to learn new things, are some common points that are brought up. This makes it difficult for many people at a certain age to find employment and thereby avoid transitioning straight from unemployment to retirement.


These preconceptions are often askew and one-sided, as older employees usually possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are still able to accomplish a great deal and can put their special skills to good use at the workplace.


The organisation “IA” (Integration of persons with impairments into the labour market) aims at eliminating false clichés and prejudice, and supports older people in gaining access to the labour market.


IA was founded in 2017 as an organisational unit of the BBRZ GROUP. As a charitable, non-profit association, IA intends to support persons above 45 years of age – as well as other groups of people with difficulties in accessing the labour market – in their professional reintegration. Alongside individual support, IA also carries out lobbying work for the target group.


In addition, the newly founded association supports employers in taking on older or disadvantaged workers into their organisation. IA advises on available support from public authorities as well as on all other questions relating to the subject of elderly employees. Together with the employers, IA develops adequate solutions for personnel and organisational development.


IA sees itself as a think tank on the issue of elderly employees and develops new concepts and projects for this target group.