FAB - For New paths on the Job Market

In vocational integration we support job seekers all across Austria and facilitate their access to the job market.

FAB is a specialist in the field of job market integration for people with social or physical disabilities.

With qualification, employment, care and support we offer those seeking jobs the necessary skills for successful, long-lasting vocational integration.

Our goal is to raise the chances of those who have a poor social starting position, helping them to participate to their utmost in life in society.

With these services being offered, FAB contributes immensely to equal opportunities and is an essential part of the successful, social job market policies.

FAB, with its manifold services, facilities and projects from Vienna to Vorarlberg, has become one of the most significant facilitators of an integrative job market in Austria.

We offer our participants the opportunity of developing abilities and skills in different occupational fields.

Programs for Those Seeking Work

Labour Foundations

We support those who are already unemployed or who are at risk of unemployment by aiming for reintegration in the job market through outplacement, emplacement and insolvency foundations.

FAB offers labour foundations for special target groups such as young people or those with disabilities that are exactly suited to meet the needs of these groups.

Temporary Employment

In the FAB socio-economic enterprises and non-profit employment projects those seeking employment are hired temporarily, qualified in both theory and practice in different professional fields and prepared for the demands of the job market.

Qualification and Integration Courses

As an extension of the contents and methods of placement activities of the Austrian Job Center, we assist those who have lost their job or are suffering from an impairment or are not able to enter into the mainstream working life without help and support.

Counselling and Care Facilities

This form of support provides guidance and advice for jobseekers to help them overcome difficult life situations and be able to gain their footing in the labour market.

Sheltered Work in own Workshops

The FAB offers and supports sheltered workplaces at its production sites, with full social security and social-educational guidance for persons with impairments.

Sheltered Work in Enterprises

The supported and assisted personnel leasing programs for those with disabilities offered by FAB give these individuals the opportunity to work in enterprises in the primary job market. The goal here is for them to become permanently leased to the company or to enter into employment there.

Qualification and Living

FAB provides work-orientated qualification on diverse levels especially designed for the needs of people with disabilities. Young training participants are given the possibility to live in a supervised housing unit.

Qualification of Young People

Youths with physical, mental or social disabilities are qualified by FAB with the aim of giving them access to the working world or to an apprenticeship.

In the FAB production schools young people learn by carrying out practical work and are given the assistance they require to be able to gain a foothold in the job market.

Living Space for Recovering Alcoholics

Those suffering from alcohol abuse, having completed an alcohol treatment program, can find in the residential houses of FAB the right setting for returning step-by-step to a life of abstinence from alcohol and self-determination.

Programs for Training and Development

College for Systemic Counselling

FAB offers internal and external clients training in the fields of systemic life counselling, social counseling and vocational counselling. Those with impairments are supported in both personal and professional issues by FAB Organos through a special educational program.