SOB – School for Social Care Professions in Steyr

Tending to and caring for the elderly is becoming an increasingly important task for our society. Since its establishment in 1991, the School for Social Care (SOB) has been offering the quality training necessary for this task in the
Steyr Region.

The SOB in Steyr is funded by a private supporting association and is associated with the School of Commercial Professions there. In the autumn of 2009 the supporting association of the SOB was assumed by the BFI Upper

The school offers educational training for specialized social workers and qualified social workers focusing on social work with the elderly.

Geared towards the job market, these courses are conducted as extra occupational courses or as full time study.

The full time study, lasting 24 months, primarily addresses young people who have just finished general schooling.

Those people who have decided to pursue a social profession at a later time in their lives have the possibility of attending the course as an extra occupational program, which in itself is in line with the concept of life-long learning.