SOB – School for Social Care Professions in Steyr

Accompanying and caring for the elderly or people with impairment is becoming an increasingly important task in our society.

The School for Social Care Professions Steyr (SOB Steyr) has been offering the necessary qualitative training in the Steyr region since its foundation in 1991.

The BFI Upper Austria took over the sponsoring association of SOB Steyr in autumn 2009. In terms of school organization, SOB Steyr is connected to HLW Steyr.

Courses for certified/diploma social care workers

The school offers training as a specialist social worker with a focus on elderly work and work for the disabled, which includes the qualification of nursing assistant.

The training in both areas, work for the elderly and work for the disabled, is aimed both at young people after completing general schooling, as well as at people who opt for care and social work later in life, or people who are looking for further professional qualifications.

Tailored to the labor market, these courses are held daily, running over 24 months. For all those who are looking for a qualification within the field of professional social care, SOB Steyr provides „work for the elderly or disabled“ as an additional special module.

In addition, there is the opportunity to attend job-specific further training on current topics within the areas of work for the elderly and work for the disabled at SOB Steyr.