ABZ Braunau – We make experts out of you

Sometimes you need a bit of luck to take advantage of your opportunities. The ABZ training center in Braunau has far higher demands, however. We do not hope for luck, but rather consciously create opportunities for new professional and personal paths.

The ABZ Braunau stands for high-quality specialist training and since 1995 has also been responsible for the apprenticeship training of renowned companies such as AMAG, HAI, Borbet, among others. The courses in metal and electrical engineering professions help the apprentices of top regional companies prepare for the final apprenticeship exams in theory and practice.
Specialists also receive top-class training, as the Braunau workshops use the most modern machines and systems. All technical equipment, software and materials are state-of-the-art and naturally conform to current industry standards. This makes it possible to train in a timely and practice-oriented manner.
Depending on the operational requirements of the partner companies, the specific focus of further training and the training content are adapted to the entry level of the participants. This guarantees optimal training results and avoids knowledge redundancies.

Professionals from A to Z

The ABZ Braunau is more than justified in this claim, as the training offer starts with the basics and extends to cover advanced training within six main areas:

  • Welding technology
  • Mechanical workshops
  • Machining
  • Electrical engineering
  • CNC, CAD / CAM and
  • Business modules