We will accompany you wherever your educational path takes you.

The BFI OÖ is an Upper Austrian vocational education institute which is oriented along the labour market requirements of the 21st century.

The BFI OÖ is distinguished by its position as market leader in all forms of returning to work, second chance education as well as healthcare and social services qualifications.

Comprehensive range of education

A comprehensive range of education that covers the whole range of qualifications at different levels, right up to academic certificates, offers a distinct advantage for individual participants at courses and seminars, as well as for companies, organisations or stakeholders.

Thousands of offers across Upper Austria for various target groups:

Vocational Training offers

  • Private customers
    • Primary school, apprenticeship, vocational matriculation examination
    • Study at BFI (as a correspondence degree course of study at
      the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg
    • Health, Services and Social affairs, EDP and IT
    • Social competence/Leadership
    • Languages
    • Engineering/Traffic/Logistics
    • The economy & management
  • Customized company training sessions
  • Innovative education projects

Digital learning at the BFI

Forward-looking content and modern methods. New courses and webinars at the BFI Vocational Training Institute are your profound travel companions for the future, built around a 360° multimedia learning concept. Numerous videos, case studies and interactive exercises are used to strengthen the knowledge provided.

Progressive teaching and learning methods rely on up-to-date course contents, such as provided by diploma courses in cooperation with the E-Learning Group (ELG). From Innovation Management through Online Marketing to Project- and Process Management and International Accounting.


Basic programming knowledge is becoming more and more important as digitization progresses. Software developers and people with solid programming skills are therefore more in demand on the labour market than ever! At present, not enough people are being trained in the existing training centres at universities and other higher education institutions to meet the increasing demand on the labour market.

BFI's CODERS.BAY offers an alternative for companies and private individuals. The programme is aimed at people both with and without experience in coding.


The BFI Upper Austria’s metal centres were established in light of the increasing lack of skilled experts within the metalworking industry. The participants are enrolled by the national employment service.

The apprenticeship is in the field of metal engineering. The course’s modular structure allows for on going entries, which means there is a constant stream of qualified personnel being created.  



Currently, there are metal centres in Attnang-Puchheim, Braunau, Gmunden, Gunskirchen und Steyr. Due to the high percentage of migrants, the BFI metal centres have developed into a driving force for regional integration.

The production school offers support to young people with a lack of competence in basic education, and social as well as personal matters, before theybegin vocational training or further education.

The practical implementation of the production school is geared towards the regional demand, in order to be able to provide relevant high quality support to all young people within the target group.

The BFI Upper Austria currently operates production schools in Gmunden, Mattighofen, Ried and Wels under the name „AusbildungsFit“ (Fit for Training) within the framework of NEBA (network of vocational assistance), an initiative of the Social Ministry Service. We also head production schools based on the Danish model in Kirchdorf, Leonding and Steyr, comissioned by the State of Upper Austria and the AMS Upper Austria.