Vocational Rehabilitation – BBRZ Reha GmbH

Since 1975, we have been accompanying people who are incapable of carrying out their profession on account of illness or accident on their way back into working life. Our focus always lies on finding individual solutions for our customers diverse range of needs.



Following occupational-medical and occupational-psychological testing, individual rehabilitation measures are worked out in a planning process: interdisciplinary teams – co-workers from the fields of medicine, psychology, social work, career studies and economy along with certified process managers within vocational rehabilitation – work together with the customers to develop an individual REHA-Plan.



BBRZ offers people with mental illness or related disorders measures which, in addition to the rehabilitation plan, also allow time for the promotion of personal strengths and mental stabilisation (REHA-Combination).



Where the rehab plan includes a qualification for successful integrationinto the labour market, the BBRZ provides a variety of made-to-measure training courses in all branches of the economy: individual, tailor-made and workplace-specific (REHA-Training).

Additional offers for customers during the course of the training – conceived along the lines of adult education methods – include a comprehensive package of health promotion offers: diet, exercise, mental health as well as medical, physiotherapeutic and psychological counselling.

Practical application is at the focus of all training courses: for this we cooperate with countless partner organisations across Austria to ensure targeted internships for customers. For integration to be successful, customers receive special coaching on job interviews and social skills.

Our goal: “The right person in the right job”

Knowledge and expertise

Interdisciplinary teams, i.e. experts from the fields of medicine, psychology, occupational science and social education, and rehab technology – certified as process managers for vocational rehabilitation – accompany the affected people on their way to sustainable participation in working life.

Quality standards

Systemic rehabilitation is standardised in Austria and offered in almost all states. Our services are certified according to ISO 9001 and ÖCert.

The BBRZ Reha GmbH is a public system partner and contractor and offers its services to the National Employment Service (AMS), the social insurance carriers and the state governments.

New Challenges for Vocational Rehabilitation – RehaNEXT

In order for the BBRZ to best meet the upcoming challenges, a process has been initiated to allow for a wide discourse under the “RehaNEXT” initiative.

Within the scope of “RehaNEXT”, the BBRZ cooperates with all stakeholders, partners, co-workers and customers in keeping up with the latest trends and developments, and examining how these affect vocational rehabilitation.