Career Diagnosis, Early Rehabilitation and Intensive Rehabilitation BBRZ Austria

As an independent and neutral service provider, BBRZ Austria offers a repertoire of methods and instruments for resource-centred vocational diagnosis.

At the focus lies the holistic, potential-oriented perception of the physical and mental strengths of the affected person.

Counselling and Support

BBRZ Austria provides the counselling and support centre for projects on behalf of the Employment Service (AMS) across Austria: PerspectivePlan, FutureChances+, CareerDiagnosis Centre.

People who have been out of work for longer periods due to health issues receive targeted counselling on building future job prospects while preserving their health.

The BBRZ is one of the first institutions in Austria to dedicate itself to the subject of job retention as a primary area of focus, and has been doing so since the year 2000. Since 2001, countless pilot projects have been carried out across Austria in the areas of secondary prevention and early rehabilitation.

In the area of early rehabilitation, the BBRZ, commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs, advised more than 57,500 people and 3,041 companies as part of the fit2work personal counseling from 2012 to 2019.

Intensive rehabilitation

NeuroNetzWerk provider people recovering from cerebrocranial injuries or neurological disorders with intensive support in their social and professional reintegration.

RISS (rehabilitation and integration for lateblind and visually impaired people) accompanies people with visual impairments in recovering their mobility in everyday life as well as in their social integration and professional reorientation.

Youth Projects

We carry out innovative projects in Styria and Upper Austria for young adults who need support with their transition from school to working life on account of various problems.