Mental health centres

The BBRZ MED GmbH is the first health institute in Austria to offer outpatient rehabilitation for people with mental illness. The advantages of this approach lie in the lower inhibition threshold in seeking aid from medical rehabilitation in time, as well as in the integration of therapeutic processes into patient’s actual lives.

Successful rehabilitation

The success of rehabilitation is ensured by a multi-professional staff, comprised of specialists for psychiatry, general medical practitioners, psychotherapists, psychologists, cert. nurses and orderlies, social workers, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and dieticians.

The humean being in the centre

Headed by medical specialists, the dedicated teams ensure high quality treatment based on a good therapeutic relationship. The focus lies not only on mental health, but also on promoting patients’ strengths and abilities.

This resource oriented approach forms the basis for planning of therapeutic rehabilitation efforts, which are meant to enable a timely return to social and working life.

Alongside therapy, the centres for mental health also provide support and advice with everyday problems as well as with initiating medical or psychotherapeutic after treatment or with planning work rehabilitation and finding work.

Target group are women and men who display the following symptomatics:

Affective disorders: depression, dysthyme disorder, bipolar disorder (aside from manic episodes), burnout, anxiety disorders (panic attacks, compulsive behaviour, etc.), psychosomatic disorders, psychotic disorders – aside from acute illness, personality or adaptive disorders.

The therapy programme contains the following components

Group psychotherapy and individual psychotherapy, psychoeducation, psychological treatment: individual and group, medicinal therapy, ergotherapy, creative therapy offers (e.g. art and music therapy), physiotherapy, sport and exercise programme, biofeedback, relaxation techniques, nutritional advice and holistic health promotion.

The goal of treatment in our walk-in centres is the best possible, sustainable health improvement as well as the (re)integration of patients into the social and professional network and so the opening of new life perspectives.

Free-Hotline for all BBRZ-MED-Sites: 0800 080 501