More than 60 years' experience

In vocational education, vocational rehabilitation and vocational integration.

A successful past is the best basis for the future.

Our history:

  • 1960 Vocational Training Institute Upper Austria (BFI OÖ)
  • 1966 Sheltered Workshop in Linz
  • 1975 Vocational Education and Rehabilitation Centre (BBRZ)
  • 1983 Founding Sheltered Workshop Upper Austria GmbH
  • 1986 BBRZ-branches Steiermark (Kapfenberg) and Vienna
  • 1988 Vocational Support Association (FAB)
  • 1995 Training Centre Braunau GmbH (ABZ)
    Change of name of the Sheltered Workshop Upper Austria GmbH into TEAMwork Wood and Plastics GmbH
  • 1998 Founding of FAB sites Salzburg and Vorarlberg
  • 1999 BBRZ-site office in Klagenfurt
  • 2003 Association to support the BBRZ GROUP;
    new launch of the vocational Support Association (FAB)
  • 2007 Change of name of the Sheltered Workshop into FAB Pro.Work
  • 2009 The BFI OÖ takes over leadership of the School for Social Care Professions (SOB) in Steyr;
    Opening of BBRZ branches in St. Pölten and Innsbruck
  • 2010 Opening of the Centre for Mental Health LEOPOLDAU in Vienna;
    FAB procures the site of the former mail order retailer Quelle in Linz and founds the Centre for Vocational Integration;
    Opening of BBRZ branches in Wiener Neustadt and Zwettl
  • 2012 Opening of the Centre for Vocational Integration
  • 2013 Takeover of the Cambridge Institute;
    Reopening of the central office in Linz;
    Re-opening of Training Center Muldenstraße in Linz as a central administration building
  • 2014 Founding of the BFI der Arbeiterkammer Vorarlberg;
    Opening of the Centre for Mental Health MULDENSTRASSE in Linz
  • 2017 Founding of IA - Integration of persons with impairments into the labour market
    Opening of the branch SIMMERING of the Centre for Mental Health in Vienna
  • 2018 opening of the new location for FAB ProWork in Wels

  • 2019 opening of the production school Lower Austria Weinviertel Ost;
    Opening of Donaupark Health Resort Klosterneuburg

  • 2020 Reopening of BFI Linz