Dr. Josef Peischer

Foto: Dr. Josef Peischer

Managing Directors

Dr. Manfred Polzer

 „Investing in socially disadvantaged people is a central responsibility of a welfare state, and, viewed in the long term, is both efficient and relevant to society.“

Dr. Christoph Jungwirth

Foto Dr.Christoph Jungwirth

A sound education, as well as ongoing further education and learning, forms the basis for a person’s working life. We are particularly concerned with being approachable for all people – regardless of age, education or origin.“

Mag.a Silvia Kunz

„We cover all the methods and measures that people need for their vocational integration within our organisation!“

Mag. Roman Pöschl

Mag. Roman Pöschl

 „Partnerships and other forms of cooperation ensure the continued success of the BBRZ in the future. As an organisation, we keep the balance between economic pressure and social responsibility.“